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April 27, 2009
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Fried clambitsclambits

Fresh oysters


Crabcakes – one broiled & one fried with a side of sour cream cucumbers and steamed veggies


The BF took me and Wonton to Baltimore a few weeks ago. The original plan was to go to the aquarium, but by the time we were done eating our crabcakes at Obrycki’s, tickets were sold out! Not to worry, I spent the day kicking BF’s butt in arcade hoops at ESPN Zone and sipping coffee on the balcony at the waterfront Barnes & Noble. It was a fun date. We took Wonton on a long walk and he enjoyed all the attention he was getting everywhere we went. 

We decided on Obrycki’s for lunch because we heard they’re known for their authentic Maryland crabcakes. We thought they were ok. Kinda small and for $30 you get 2 crabcakes and 2 sides. I was a little turned off because I chomped down on a couple of those pesky shells that separate the meat. We also ordered the fried clambits and oysters for appetizers. The best part of the meal were the oysters for me. They were very fresh and jumbo sized. BF ordered a Obrycki’s house beer too. Pretty tasty.

1727 E. Pratt St
Baltimore, MD