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Bon Chon

April 6, 2009

Love fried chicken? Do the flavors of Korean cuisine make you mouth water? Go to Bon Chon in Annandale, VA for the best combination of these foodie favorites.

Bon Chon chicken is fried to perfection in a choice of spicy or soy garlic sauce with a side of pickled daikon radish. Their cooking process takes a really long time, (usually 30-45 min – so I call ahead) but it’s well worth the wait. It comes out hot and crispy on the outside, and juicy on the inside. Unlike the fried chicken Americans are used to, Bon Chon chicken doesn’t have the flaky batter on the skin. This place is a must-try. Unlike any fried chicken you’ve had before. Guaranteed.


Bon Chon 
6653 Little River Tpke # H
Annandale, VA 22003
(703) 750-1424



February 10, 2009

I consider myself a South Side kinda girl but I would never complain about traveling up to Crisp in Chicago’s North Side. Crisp is a small fast food Korean restaurant with good prices and good food. You order from the simple menu at the cash register, pick a drink from the cooler (try one of the Korean soft drinks), and then wait for your food to arrive at one of the long communal benches. We patiently waited for our food while we watched our neighbors devor theirs. The two of us got three things to share: the Baby Buddha, Wacky Wacky Wings, and Seoul Sensation. We ended up with leftovers but that’s ok – more for later!

Bi Bim Bop is one of my favorite dishes – and the Baby Buddha didn’t disappoint.

Baby BuddhaOur “mini” adaptation of a traditional Korean favorite, Bi Bim Bop, with an American twist. Your choice of three different freshly marinated or unseasoned vegetables on a bed of rice. Mix it all up with your choice of sauce. Perfect choice for a light and healthy lunch.


We had to try the Korean burrito our friends had told us about. I wasn’t a huge fan, kinda bland, but cool idea! Next time I’d add some hot sauce. Comes with fries. Bonus!

Seoul Sensation Burrito – Koreans make burritos? Our adaptation of everyone’s favorite. This burrito is generously filled with rice, onions, tomatoes, chives and our homemade marinated Korean beef, Bulgogi. All wrapped in a flour tortilla. Sauce upon request.


The chicken wings were my favorite dish of the three. They were hot, fresh, and spicy – just how I like!

Wacky Wacky Wings with Crisp BBQ sauce – extra spicy – For those hankering wings sans the rest of the bird, we’ve got a treat for you. No itty bitty wings here — these Jumbo sized wings are fried to perfection and come in your choice of sauce.


Next time I’m back in Chicago, Crisp is definitely on my checklist!

2940 N. Broadway
Chicago, IL 60657


October 15, 2008
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For many Americans, comfort foods are things like mac & cheese, mashed potatoes, and meatloaf, but for me – there’s nothing like a steamy bowl of ramen to make me feel like home! Other Asians will tell you the magic of ramen is not an exaggeration. There are so many varieties and flavors, Tokyo even has a museum dedicated just to ramen! The obsession with ramen is making its way to mainstream and it’s about time! My favorite brand to make at home is Nong Shim Shin Ramyun. It’s a Korean brand that can be found at most Asian grocery stores. It’s a hot & spicy flavor and the noodles are thick and chewy. I always add a poached egg, veggies (chinese broccoli goes well), and sometimes a few slices of SPAM. Sounds crazy, but don’t knock it till you try it – it may change your life 😉

Other ingredients that can be used:
-char siu (Chinese bbq pork)
-green beans
-bok choy
-frozen mixed seafood
-fried tofu
-fish balls

What are your favorite comfort foods?


July 2, 2008
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Yechon is a 24 hour Korean restaurant in Annandale, VA which makes it great for yummy late night food that you wont regret eating the next morning. Because they have a large dining room, I’ve rarely had to wait more than a couple minutes before getting a table. Even if there were a long wait, it would be totally worth it! Besides traditional Korean entrees, they offer sushi (only during day hours) and Korean BBQ

Here are a few of my go2s:

  • mae woon kal bi tangspicy short rib soup served with rice
  • soon doo boo jigaespicy tofu stew with seafood
  • kal bi dolsot bibimboprice mixed with assorted veggies and marinated ribs served in a hot stone bowl

Yechon is a great place to go even if you’re not familiar with Korean cuisine. The entrees and banchan here are both constantly good. The added bonus is that the waitresses are dressed in traditional Korean costumes!

4121 Hummer Road 
Annandale, VA 22003