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X Rated Liqueur

October 24, 2008
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Dispite the total cheeseball name, I was compelled to try X Rated when I saw it at MCCXXIII, which has the BEST Friday happy hour, by the way (open bar from 5-9pm topshelf for $20!). What girl wouldn’t want to try a hot pink fusion of French vodka, blood oranges, mangos, and passion fruit? Come on, it’s PINK! 

I asked the bartender what goes well with it and he suggested Sprite – ugh, big mistake. Way too sweet. It tasted like Sprite plus 50 packets of Splenda. If I ever have it again, I’d try one of these recipes. YumSugar has a different opinion, but I do think a bottle of this would make a great girly gift for a friend!

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