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October 3, 2009
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Found my new favorite beer. PranQster is a Belgian-style golden ale made with a mixed culture of antique yeast strains that produce a floral nose, a full fruity flavor and a clean finish. If you like Blue Moon you’re bound to enjoy this brew too (BM is a Belgian-style wheat ale).

Besides the taste, the best part about PranQster is that it’s traditionally served in a goblet rather than your usual pint glass. Classy.


You can find PranQster at Marvin – a bistro/bar that serves “home cooked classics from Belgium to the American South”. I can’t speak to the food at this establishment, but their selection of Belgian beer is extensive. The decor and overall feel of the place is really fun too. It feels like you’ve stepped back in time a few decades – in a good way 🙂

2007 14th Street, NW
Washington, DC

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